The Wonderful World of Tea

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Hello, My name is Katerina. Although I am not a tea specialist, I have been a devoted tea lover for many years and, I am ecstatic about trying new types of tea and expanding my tea knowledge. I started this website because I wanted to introduce more people to the wonderful world of tea!!! A world full of Exotic Flavors, Aromas and Soul Refreshing Excitement.

This delicious drink has been around for thousands of years; Since the ancient Chinese realized its healing power for the body and mind. Today tea is the second most commonly consumed beverage in the World, second to only water! However, in western societies, sugary and heavily caffeinated drinks are still the most popular!!! I believe that we, tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs, should educate more people about the different types of teas and their health benefits!

On these pages, you will learn about the history of tea, brewing tips, recipes, news about tea from all over the world and many interesting and funny facts about, what else, tea!!!

I hope you enjoy this journey that I will be taking you on and, I pray that it leads you to enjoy many wonderful tea experiences in the Future!7u

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