The Wonderful World of Tea

5 Simple Tips on Brewing Your Favorite Tea!

July 10, 2019
5 Simple Tips on Brewing Your Favorite Tea!

I love tea! I have tea every day but it wasn’t until recently that I learned how to brew it correctly. Before I would either brew my tea for too long, or I wouldn’t use the right amount of tea leaves and as a result my tea wouldn’t taste as delicious as I would like it to. So in…

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A wonderful green tea from Taipei.  Light and delicious! #tea #greentea
Tea from China.  Tea is magical and the gentleman who gave this to me became my friend from an encounter in an elevator!  Don’t we love tea? #tea
Few things are better than a nice Verbena with Mint tea infusion.  #tea
Pretty sure these are the three necessary ingredients for life. #tea #greentea
#cafemadeline #mariagefreres #tea #paris - right next to the Marriage Frères store near the Madeleine - I was delighted!
Sometimes, one has to be different to set a good example to others!  Drinking a little Sencha. #tea #sencha #senchatea
Enjoying a Verbena infusion this Sunday afternoon in Salon de Thé Cometesse in Paris!  #paris #tea #salondethé
I can’t wait to have this wonderful infusion of this Verbana tea #tea #teapot #teacup #verbena
Green tea, a green tea blend from #marriagefrères - simply delicious!